While president of the Charles River Conservancy, founder Renata von Tscharcner hosted over 100 TV shows as part of her “Parklands” series. Twice a month, von Tscharner interviewed parkland enthusiasts and advocates at Cambridge Community Television (CCTV)’s Be Live studio. View all of the past CCTV Parklands shows on our YouTube channel, or find episodes here:

Catherine Donaher interviews Renata von Tscharner
6/13/2018 – Founding CRC board member Catherine Donaher interviews Renata on the history and accomplishments of the CRC.

Laura Jasinski, new executive director of the Charles River Conservancy
5/23/2018 – Renata von Tscharner introduces Laura Jasinski as the new executive director of the CRC and discusses her relevant past experience.

Sumbul Siddiqui shares her stories about the Charles River
5/9/2018 – Cambridge City Councillor Sumbul Siddiqui tells river-related stories of growing up and working in Cambridge.

Alanna Mallon has a conversation about the Charles
2/28/18 – New Cambridge Councillor Alanna Mallon and Renata von Tscharner talk about the Charles.

Renata von Tscharner discusses North Point Park and North Station
2/14/18 – Renata von Tscharner takes an oral stroll through North Point Park and over to North Station.

Renata von Tscharner on the I-90 Interchange Improvement Project
1/10/18 – Renata von Tscharner discusses concerns with the I-90 Improvement Project that are of particular interest to the Charles River Conservancy.

Megan Henderson and RiverSing
11/08/17 – Megan Henderson, Musical Director at Revels, discusses Revels’ annual RiverSing celebration.

Elena Saporta discusses Sycamores Along the Charles
10/25/17 – Elena Saporta, board member of Green Cambridge, details her work with the majestic sycamore trees on Cambridge’s Memorial Drive.

Max Rome on Charles River Water Quality
9/13/17 – Max Rome, PhD student in Environmental Engineering at Northeastern University, discusses his ongoing research with water quality in the Charles River.

Kathy Abbott and Boston Harbor Now
9/13/17 – Kathy Abbott, President and CEO of Boston Harbor Now, discusses the opportunities and challenges facing Boston’s beautiful and historic harbor.

Christine Cousineau and Urban Swimming Initiatives
7/26/17 – Christine Cousineau, Lecturer at Tufts University School of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, discusses a report drafted by her students on urban swimming initiatives in the United States. 

Renata von Tscharner and the Charles River Conservancy
7/12/2017 – Renata von Tscharner discusses the history of the Charles River Conservancy, as well as all of its current projects and programs.

Michelle Ciccolo and Herter Park
6/14/2017 – Michelle Ciccolo discusses her involvement with the Herter Park Public Theater rejuvenation project as a community development consultant and the future of the exceptional park. 

David Montague and Park&Pedal
5/24/2017 – David Montague discusses the Park&Pedal program as well as the benefits of biking to work.

Representative Mike Connolly and Cambridge Parklands
5/10/2017 – Mike Connolly shares a personal story about his proposal on the Charles River, and also discusses his advocacy work in Cambridge as a new State Representative.

Peter Howe describes his lifelong connection to Boston and the Charles River
4/26/2017 – A discussion with Peter Howe about his article “Renaissance on the Charles” in the Boston Globe Magazine and his lifelong connection with Boston and the Charles River. He recently shared his experiences relating to the river in “River Stories Volume III,” a collection of short stories , poems, and art presented by the Conservancy.

Richard Fries and Bike Advocacy
3/22/2017 – Richard Fries, the Executive Director of MassBike, discusses bike culture and advocacy in Boston.

Charles Sullivan and Building Old Cambridge Part 2
2/22/2017 – Renata continues her discussion with Charles Sullivan, Executive Director of the Cambridge Historical Commission. He talks about his new book: Building Old Cambridge, which is rich with maps, illustrations and information about the historical relationship between the Charles River and Old Cambridge.

Senator Brownsberger and Bike Safety
2/8/2017 – Massachusetts Senator William Brownsberger discusses several projects along the Charles, and proposed legislation to make biking safer.

Charles Sullivan and Building Old Cambridge Part 1
1/25/2017 – Renata speaks with Charles Sullivan, Executive Director of the Cambridge Historical Commission. He presents his new book:  Building Old Cambridge, which is rich with maps, illustrations and information about the historical relationship between the Charles River and Old Cambridge.

Renata von Tscharner and the Charles River Conservancy
1/11/2017 – Renata von Tscharner gives an overview of the CRC’s programs and projects.

Jun Whang talks about Inline Skating along the Parklands 
12/14/2016 – Renata speaks with Jun Whang of Urban Inline about inline skating along the parklands and at the Lynch Family Skatepark.

Jennifer Gilbert gives an update on the Swim Park Project
11/9/2016 – Jennifer Gilbert, Chair of the Charles River Conservancy Board’s Swim Park Committee, gives an overview on where the effort stands and why YOU should support it!

Blake Evitt describes the relationship between parkour and the parklands
10/12/2016 – Renata spoke to Blake Evitt, Director & Head Instructor, Parkour Generations Americas about the growing popularity of parkour in America and its practice along the Charles River.

Sayre Sheldon tells stories from a long life in Cambridge. 
9/28/2016 – On the eve of her 90th birthday, Sayre Sheldon told stories from her many years of life in Cambridge.

Travis Mazerall discusses the Watertown Braille Trail
8/10/2016 – Renata spoke with Travis about the Watertown Riverfront Park and Braille Trail, a fully sensory trail designed in partnership with the Perkins School for the Blind.

Benjy Kantor speaks about Hubway
7/27/2016 – Renata spoke with Benjy Kantor, Senior Marketing Manager at Motivate, the Operator of Hubway about the Hubway bike network, biking along the Charles, and Hubway’s Fifth Anniversary!

Roger Frymire speaks on sewage and water quality in the Charles
7/13/2016 – Roger and Renata spoke extensively about water quality in the Charles, including sewage, stormwater and regulations.

Jeff Simon of Stantec speaks about the Feasibility Study 
6/12/2016 – Jeffrey Simon,  former Assistant Secretary of Transportation for Real Estate and Asset Development and now Senior Principal at Stantec, discussed with CRC’s Renata von Tscharner the feasibility study for a permanent swimming facility in North Point Park that his firm produced.

Emily O’Hara speaks about the Yawkey Gallery on the Charles River
5/17/2016 – Emily O’Hara, Senior Exhibit Developer at the Museum of Science, tells Renata more about the brand new Yawkey Gallery on the Charles River, an exciting permanent exhibit that explores the connections between engineering and nature on the Charles River

Jan Devereaux speaks about Cambridge on the Charles
3/23/2016 – New Cambridge City Councilor Jan Devereaux discusses upcoming events including the Cambridge River Festival, Earth Day, and the Greenough Boulevard Project.

Chris Wilkins speaks about the Boston Landmarks Orchestra
3/9/2016 – Chris Wilkins, Artistic Director at Boston Landmarks Orchestra, speaks with Renata about the the rich variety of programming that Boston Landmarks Orchestra offers, particularly centered around the Charles River.

Jay Livingstone speaks about swimming in the Charles
2/24/2016 – State Representative Jay Livingstone of the 8th Suffolk District joins Renata von Tscharner to discuss Magazine Beach, the Boston Esplanade, swimming in the Charles, and the Conservancy’s advocacy work.

Skip Burck speaks about connectivity on the urban Charles
1/27/2016 – Architect Skip Burck discusses the Connect Kendall Square competition and urban connectivity along the Charles with Renata von Tscharner.

Evan Bradley speaks about River Stories and Google Trekker
1/13/2016 – The Conservancy’s own Evan Bradley discusses his design of River Stories, Volume III, mapping the Charles River with Google’s Trekker camera, and the culmination of these efforts at the Conservancy’s River Stories: LIVE event.

Nick Shea and Sun E-D raps about the Lynch Family Skatepark
12/9/2015 – Rappers and skaters Nick Shea and producer Sun E-D perform “Useless Wooden Toys” and discuss the opening event for the Lynch Family Skatepark that took place on November 14.

Owen O’Riordan speaks about climate change readiness in Cambridge
11/11/2015 – Cambridge Commissioner of Public Works Owen O’Riordan discusses the city landscape and preparations for climate change with Renata.

Taha Jennings speaks about Connect Kendall Square
10/30/2015 – Taha Jennings, Assistant to the City Manager at Cambridge sat down with Renata to speak about Connect Kendall- a design competition to create more parks and open space in East Cambridge.

Sal DiDomenico speaks about Conservancy projects
10/14/2015 – State Senator Sal DiDomenico expresses his support for the Lynch Family Skatepark and the Conservancy’s underpass campaign, and talks about his district’s relationship to the river.

Patrick Swanson speaks about the annual RiverSing celebration 
9/9/2015 – Paddy Swanson, Artistic Director of Revels, outlines the upcoming RiverSing celebration that takes place each year on the Autumn Equinox, which is September 20 in 2015.

Craig Collins speaks about cycling along the Charles River paths
8/26/2015 – Urban AdvenTours’ Craig Collins joins Renata in the BeLive studio to talk about the joy of cycling along the Charles River paths.

Sasha Vallieres speaks about the Conservancy Volunteers program
8/12/2015 – CRC Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator, Sasha Vallieres, highlights the work completed by the Conservancy’s 2,000 landscape volunteers each year.

Kanten Russell speaks about the Lynch Family Skatepark
7/22/15 – Stantec skatepark designer Kanten Russell joins CRC President Renata von Tscharner to discuss the design and construction of the Lynch Family Skatepark.

Doug Manz speaks about North Point Park
7/8/15 – Doug Manz, partner at HYM Investment Group, speaks with Renata about the development of Cambridge’s new neighborhood, North Point.

Kathleen Rowe speaks about her new book, Exploring the Charles River
6/24/15 – Author Kathleen Rowe discusses her book, Exploring the Charles River, and all of the adventures you can find in the Charles River and its surrounding parklands.

Harry Mattison speaks about the Allston Esplanade
4/22/15 – Allston resident and advocate Harry Mattison discusses different advocacy campaigns with Renata von Tscharner.

Marc McGovern speaks about Cambridge and the Charles
4/8/15 –  Cambridge City Councilor Marc McGovern joins Renata to discuss the Lynch Family Skatepark, Cambridge’s experimental participatory budgeting process, and the long history of the city.

Dennis Benzan speaks about Cambridge and the Charles
3/25/15 – Charles River Conservancy President Renata von Tscharner speaks with Vice Mayor of Cambridge, Dennis Benzan, about Cambridge’s relationship to the Charles River and its parklands.

Susan Fleischmann interviews Renata von Tscharner
3/2/15 – Susanne Fleischmann invites CRC founder and president Renata von Tscharner to speak about the work of the Conservancy, from the volunteer program to the Swimmable Charles Initiative.