In accordance with recommendations from the Massachusetts Governor, all Charles River Conservancy staff are working from home until further notice . Please feel free to reach us via email and join us on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook where we’ll be bringing the beauty of the Charles River and parks to you!

Virtual Engagement

There are numerous ways to engage with the Charles River and its park, even if you can’t physically visit them! Check out our Virtual Engagement for a variety of materials to help you connect with the parks, including learning activities about park plants, coloring pages of our favorite river views, and a photo contest with prizes!

Flowers at North Point Park. Photo by Aaron John Bourque.

Bringing The Parks to You

Spring is a cherished time in the parks! However, this year, many are unable to visit the Charles River safely and responsibly due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and necessary public health guidelines. That’s why we’re bringing the parks to you with an all-new biweekly newsletter, full of interesting park history, ecology, and lot’s to make you smile. Read previous issues and sign up!

Herter Park in summer. Photo by Aaron John Bourque.

Hell’s Half Acre Restoration

Hell’s Half Acre, a 7.5 acre section of “urban wild” along the Charles River in Cambridge, is an ecological and social asset to the surrounding community. However, the area is critically overwhelmed by invasive plants. Through a unique three-year project that uses best practices to remove invasives, the CRC is working to restore the area. Following this aggressive intervention, the CRC and Conservancy Volunteers will regularly maintain the revitalized Hell’s Half Acre. Learn more about our work to restore Hell’s Half Acre by reading the project proposal.

Our Hell’s Half Acre restoration project addresses invasive plants, including phragmites, Japanese knotweed, and buckthorn.

Lead photo by Aaron John Bourque.