The Charles River Conservancy gives the parks a voice through advocacy. Working closely with a coalition of environmental and mobility organizations, we spearhead important campaigns to improve the accessibility of our parks and safety and of our paths. These efforts include:


With the mission to improve public access to the parks, the Conservancy advocates for pedestrian/bicycle underpasses to be included on the Boston side of the Anderson Memorial, Western Avenue, and River Street Bridges.
Learn more about Ped/Bike Underpasses.


The Massachusetts Department of Transportations rebuilding of the I-90 Interchange in Allston provides a once-in-a-century opportunity to improve the conditions of the parks, paths, and river’s edge in Allston. In coalition with environmental and mobility organizations, we work to ensure that the project is more than just a highway rebuilt.
Learn more about the Allston Multi-Modal Project.

CRC Executive Director Laura Jasinski speaking about the Allston Multi-Modal Project to advocates. Photo by Conservancy staff.