Child pictured from the waist down walking along decals of coyote footprints on the Magazine Beach MathTrail


The Charles River Conservancy is excited to partner with MathTalk, a Cambridge-based organization, to bring a MathTrail art installation that introduces early intervention math concepts to the Magazine Beach Footbridge. The project has been developed by a team of parents, teachers, researchers, organizers, children’ media producers, designers, artists, game developers, entrepreneurs, CRC staff members, and kids and adults from the Cambridgeport community who came together to turn stories, public art and augmented reality into experiences that will inspire parents and children to explore math literacy together.

The MathTrail enhances natural educational resources locally and encourages safe travel over Memorial Drive to and from the Charles River Reservation. The transformative project introduces playful math opportunities to Magazine Beach that interact with the environment, including a gigantic number line, animal counting footprints, and access to a free digital learning app, Measure! Everything! Set along the Charles River, this interactive installation connects youth to their environment through free math play, and encourages youth and adults to interact with their local parks in meaningful ways. Community designers, teachers, parents, and children were instrumental in developing this work.

Invitation to visit the MathTalk installation at the Magazine Beach Footbridge. Invitation includes an image of the Charles River, and illustrations of children smiling.

The Magazine Beach MathTrail is open to enjoy. Visit and explore the MathTrail at Magazine Beach Park at 719 Memorial Drive in Cambridge.

We are excited to learn alongside the community and encourage you to join us in figuring out how many footsteps it takes to cross the Magazine Beach Footbridge! The MathTrail will be available to explore through Fall 2021.

Share your measurements with the CRC and MathTalk on Instagram: @charlesrivercrc @mathtalkpbc

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The MathTrail is located on the Magazine Beach Footbridge at 719 Memorial Drive in Cambridge, just upriver of the Boston University Bridge.


Thank you to our supporters who have made the MathTrail possible with generous donations. We express great gratitude to all.

  • Frances R. Dewing Foundation
  • Reach Out for Schools


We are grateful to our partners who made the MathTalk installation on the Magazine Beach Footbridge possible with generous support from permitting to design through installation.

  • Morse Elementary School
  • Magazine Beach Partners
  • Cambridge Arts Commission
  • Sidewalk Math
  • City of Cambridge Department of Public Works
  • MassDCR


As an on-going project and partnership, continued support for installation, material research, community feedback and engagement will help make certain that the CRC and MathTalk continues to provide positive learning experiences for our youth and their families in Charles River Parks.

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  1. Partner, design, and implement an educational installation to connect youth and families to the Charles River and parks in fun and meaningful ways.
  2. Create opportunities to extend the classroom outdoors for k-5 learners and their families.
  3. Engage the local community in advocating for outdoor learning opportunities in connection with the Charles River and adjacent parks.

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